In a short song, Denver rapper SWEENEY gets his new fans up to beat with who he is. Without a doubt, he has a unique voice. No wonder he’s rising in his local scene.

Boulder Rapper SWEENEY Debuts New Project ‘Return of the Old’ Verge Campus SWEENEY’s recognizable voice that teeters on the brink between hype and chill mixes effortlessly over beats that match that same collision. His lyrics spin out in whirls of drugged out emotion and comical anecdotes.

COLORADO’S OWN SWEENEY HITS IT WITH ‘HADES’ Truetoo While identity crisis relies on a community to struggle with and overcome, prospect Sweeney from Boulder, Colorado has found a perfect mix of originality and inspiration.

SWEENEY UNVEILS INTROSPECTIVE TRACK “BOTTLE TALK” Cougar Microbes SWEENEY‘s “Bottle Talk” is a track seemingly made to be played on loop. The Colorado rapper’s effortlessly flows with and offers an enduring chorus, thanks to production from Nova Jazz, that is simple enough to be repeated over and over but has enough depth to be worth

SWEENEY-Bottle Talk Give It A Spin

Ethical bottles are flowing through headphones in impulsive bars, of lyrics. Sweeney's absorbing voice on "Bottle Talk" , is a low-pass moody filter of deep down honest hip-hop that hits a high on our truth-meter.

SWEENEY – ‘For Her’ Music is My Life

It’s crazy that SWEENEY’s music isn’t playing on the radio. The Colorado rapper can spit and keep your attention, so much so that my only complaint is that his tracks aren’t longer. I can listen to him all day.


SWEENEY is a rapper out of the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado. With support from PRiME, his music has been attracting new followers and beginning to buzz within the Colorado music scene. Always coming with an interesting song to listen to, SWEENEY effortlessly switches between different styles. His ability truly shines through the fact that he is versatile enough to bring a unique, recognizable voice and sound to any beat put in front of him. The creative style of writing he uses makes for intriguing and poignant lyrics that fit seamlessly with the vibe of the music. From Boom-Bap to new school Atlanta style, SWEENEY can make a track that the masses will enjoy, and the hip-hop heads will respect. The hunger that SWEENEY has for success shows through his music. He's on his way to the top and he want's everyone to know who he is. With their goals set high SWEENEY and PRiME are bound to be more than just a buzz within the hip-hop world soon enough.